Céline Dépôt is here!

Jan. 16, 2024, 3:43 p.m.  –  by

Celine now offers the resource-sharing platform: Celine Depot. This library of various equipment, tools and studio rental allows for low-cost use and sharing between members of the organization and emerging Montreal artists.


Rental operation:

  1. The rental lasts 7 days maximum: Monday to Monday from 12pm to 6pm.
  2. A rental cost of 40$ or 80$ is applied to certain items. This cost is indicated in the title of those items.
  3. Céline Dépôt's address will be sent to you by email following your reservation.



Most locations are free for Celine Bureau members.

To become a member: consult the page "Become a member".




Questions? depot@celinebureau.com