Exhibition Review and Interviews: "A Flower and a Thousand Paths"

March 10, 2023, 4:44 p.m.  –  by Céline Bureau

Last year's curatorial residency at Celine Bureau resulted in the exhibition "A Flower and a Thousand Paths" in 2022, which explored ethnographies of the "other" and alternative networks of communication.

Since then, journalist Marcela Bórquez wrote about the exhibition in an article on Vie des arts magazine: Willful ambivalence in A Flower and a Thousand Paths and curator Santiago Tavera sat with the three Colombian artist collectives: House of Tupamaras and Mutante based in Bogota and Elsgüer Studio based in Montréal to discuss each of the projects presented at Celine Bureau in 2022 and to discuss processes of collective experimentation and the construction of queer narratives through performance, art, technology and science. 

— Exhibition: "A Flower and a Thousand Paths," Photo: Santiago Tavera