Call for Artists 2023 RESIDENCY

March 3, 2023, 2:43 p.m.  –  by Céline Bureau

Application Deadline: March 26th, 2023 - midnight

Hello everyone! Céline is looking for people to participate in this summer's residency which will take place in JUNE & JULY 2023, with an exhibition in SEPTEMBER.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The Céline Bureau residency is a community-based experience where a group of artists and like-minded people discuss their practices during crits and workshops in a shared studio space.

Each resident will receive 1000$ as an honorarium for the workshops.


Just fill out the Google form

This residency is made possible because of the support of the Montreal Art Council. <3



  • I do film production / I’m a curator / I’m a dancer/musician/writer, is this for me?

We are not medium-based. However, please be aware of the limitations of the residency:

  • The final exhibition happens in a small garage space, which is shared with all the residents. You must produce something that can be shown in this space in a group show.
  • Residents are expected to be able to work on their projects between each critique workshop.
  • If you are not studio-based, explain in your application how you are gonna benefit and fit within this context.
  • Please note we also have a writing residency that happens later in the year. It will be announced this Spring.


  • Are the artists expected to fully develop their projects in the shared studio space, or is this space just for critiques and workshops?

    The spaces are available to use if you want. You do not have to use them. Most residents work in their own studios unless they want to use our tools or a change of scenery.

Note that the jury will strongly consider how each proposal fits within a group dynamic, and prioritize artists that are open to learning/meeting/exchanging with other people.


  • We’re a duo/group, can we apply together?

Yes! If you apply together, you will share exhibition space, crit time, and fees. If multiple people apply separately as a group, the jury might prioritize selecting a group of people that do not know each other yet due to the limited number of places.


  • I’m from outside Montreal, can I apply?

Yes! However, we can't currently provide accommodations or transportation or visas or extra fees. Only apply if you think you can.


  • What are the workshops?

The 4 mandatory workshops of the residency are group critiques with the other residents and guest curators and artists.


  • Can I include preliminary sketches of the project in the application?



  • What is the time/work commitment expected from the artists?

You are expected to come to each of the group critiques (the date of each crit is listed in the application form) and contribute to the discussions. Consequently, you are expected to have progressed in your work between each crit. You are also expected to exhibit something at the end of the residency, but it doesn't need to be final work. 


  • Is it possible to create an in situ installation? If so, approximately how much space does each artist have?

You can see the garage space on our website. Keep in mind that it is a shared space. In the past, each artist has been able to occupy up to half of our garage space during the residency and the exhibitions. Considering the community aspect of the residency, we encourage residents to be flexible and open to adapting to the space and other works. The jury will consider space when selecting the group.