C.L.A.M. Project

Aug. 4, 2023, 11:22 a.m.  –  by Celine Bureau

C.L.A.M. (Chronique des lieux et artistes de Montréal) is a collaborative, crowd-sourced research project by Celine Bureau. Its focus is the physical space(s) that make up Montreal's artistic ecosystem since 2016 (the year Celine Bureau was founded). We have broken down this ecosystem into five distinct (yet connected) spaces: studio space, exhibition space, living space, community space, and work space. 


We are currently collecting visual, text-based, and sound/video submissions that speak to these spaces. Submissions could include: photographs, personal and organizational papers, emails, leases, periodicials, screenshots, manifestos, meeting minutes, signage, interviews, etc. Material should be submitted through a form linked on our website and social media. 


Some of the submissions will be displayed as part of an exhibition at Livart during Winter 2024 with the possibility of being included in a more long-term project. By collecting and sharing this material, C.L.A.M aims to be both a community repository and a catalyst for artist action in the coming years.

You can submit here