Membership exhibition 2023

May 12, 2023, 4:02 p.m.  –  by Céline Bureau

Celine Bureau is hosting our membership exhibition to celebrate our new membership program and launch our 2023 season. The exhibition culminates in a public finisssage and alley BBQ party on June 3! 

Exhibition date: May 28 to June 3

Opening hours: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm 

Finnissage and BBQ Party: June 3  

For the garage's location, please find it here.

We are exhibiting the works of 19 members including: Nashwa Lina Khan, Vjosana Shkurti, Edson Niebla Rogil, Rémi Morais (Angelica Data), Théo Bignon, Agathe Leroy, Cécile Renoult, Elizabeth Johnson / Anne Dahl, Léa Castonguay, Pascha Marrow, Naimah Amin, Timothée Messeiller, Camille Dubuc, Eva Tellier, Megan Moore, Jacqueline He, Tyra Maria Trono, Claire Olwen Stewart and Ali Kouri. Find out their bios below! 


  • Nashwa Lina Khan (she/her)

Nashwa Lina Khan (she/her) is a multi-modal artist, community educator, facilitator, researcher, and writer/poet. She holds a Master's of Environmental Studies from York University, with concentrations in narrative methodologies, community and public health, and refugee and forced migration studies. She curates/supports the On Display/For Review artist residency at Whippersnapper. Nashwa is also working on a chapbook project and is a researcher with Proclaiming Our Roots, the University of Alberta, and Rainbow Faith and Freedom. Please find her cultural commentary on the podcast Habibti Please and on Twitter @nashwakay.



  •  Vjosana Shkurti (she/her)

Vjosana Shkurti is a filmmaker based in Montreal. Born in Albania and raised in Greece, her artistic work explores aspects of origin, memory and relationships with technology. She has a background in architectural design, which informs her approach toward perspective, framing and scale. She has created experimental films that merge abstraction with reality, fiction with documentary, and human bodies with technological counterparts. Her focus has been the camera and its performative potential as an active participant/character in cinema. She actively engages with the sound design of her pieces to alter the experience of what is seen.



  • Edson Niebla Rogil (he/him)

Edson Niebla Rogil, a Montreal-based visual artist, explores the intersection of technology and culture, particularly in the context of post-truth. Drawing inspiration from his native Mexico, Edson employs video, digital photography, and collage techniques to blur the lines between authenticity and artifice, prompting viewers to question the veracity of online information. His work frequently repurposes viral internet images, archiving the constantly evolving digital landscape. 



  • Angelicadata(they/them)

Angelicadata is a process-oriented visual artist who emphasizes post-production play, using their photographic practice and inclinations as sources. The integrity of their practice survives through exploration and intuition at every stage. They enjoy the uncanny, and the coincidence of circumstance. Angelicadata is a French-Canadian artist with estranged Iraqi and Irish roots. They are based in Tiohtià:ke (Montréal, QC).



  • Théo Bignon (he/him)

Théo Bignon (1993, Orléans, France) is an artist based in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal) whose works have been exhibited internationally, such as Villa Noailles (Hyères, France), The Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), Site: Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY), Bunker Projects (Pittsburgh, PA), and Whatiftheworld Gallery (Cape Town, South Africa). His research has been published in the journals Critical Studies in Men's Fashion and Catalyst: Casual Encounters and presented to the College Art Association. Théo is also one of the co-founders of Abstract Lunch, a curatorial project for artists that values ​​experimentation and community engagement. Théo holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA from Sciences Po Paris.


  • Agathe Leroy (she/her)

 Agathe Leroy is a visual artist and educator based in Tiohtià:ke, lands also known as Montreal. She grew up in Hong Kong and has Franco-Siberian roots. From an early age, Agathe wondered about her identity and in particular her cultural affiliation. This quest for identity has resulted in an interest in narration: the tensions between narration and a context raise questions that are explored in a tangible way through certain materials. Primarily interested in fibers and textiles, she researches her ethnic roots from an artistic and anthropological perspective to create visual explorations of her identity.



  • Cécile Renoult (she/her)

Cécile Renoult was born in 1994 and studied art in France. She lives and works in Montreal/Tiohtià:ke. Through sculptural forms, editions and videos, she explores the plasticity of writing and its ethical issues. At the same time, she is developing research on the materiality of digital photography. In these two areas of work, her productions try to show what is usually invisible or invisible in our daily lives.



  • Elizabeth Johnson / Anne Dahl (she/her/they)

Elizabeth Johnson's artistic practice aims to materialize that which is untouched or unseen. Working at a cross-section of digital and physical media, her Jacquard weavings are a nod to the interlocking histories between textiles and computers. She has exhibited in Berlin, New York, Halifax, Montreal and Toronto. 


Anne Dahl is a metalsmith trained internationally in silversmithing, stone setting, and sculpture. Dahl creates a psychedelic renaissance where familiar silhouettes are reimagined with organic time-based wax-forming techniques. It is her love of conceptual and ephemeral art/life practices that inspire the collaboration between body and object. She is currently based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal.

  •  Léa Castonguay (she/her)

Léa Castonguay is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Montreal. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Visual and Media Arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal (2019). Her practice unfolds in two axes, questioning the consciousness and the construction of the self in a relationship to the Other, while retracing the genesis of the creative process, whose artefacts she uses as the raw material of the work. Since 2016, she has participated in a few exhibitions, notably CTRL + [JE]: Intimacy, Extimacy and Control in the Age of Overexposure of the Self at the 12th edition of the HTMlles Festival at Studio XX, and two editions of Projet Complot ( 14 and 15th editions).



  • Pascha Marrow (She/they)

Pascha Marrow has lived and worked in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal) for fifteen years but grew up across Canada, mainly Wəlastəkwiyik (Maliseet) and Mi’kma’ki territories (Saint John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia). Their practice moves slowly and switches between teaching practices about transformative, anti-institutional and accountable approaches to image art-making or world-building and then back to her own work's visual storytelling. In the latter, she appreciates the chance to communicate less verbally, using painting, drawing and objects to explore relationship worlds with touchable materials.



  • Naimah Amin (they/she)

Naimah draws from their experience as Quebecers and second-generation Bangladeshi immigrants to highlight through an interdisciplinary visual language the reconnection with oneself and the construction of identity. Their specialization in painting and drawing allows them to unite reproduction with imagination, and therefore to unite the stories transmitted by way of inheritance with fiction that cross borders and cultural identities. They present the images they create in an installation context in order to emphasize the relationships between them and the material world from which they arise. Their most recent projects touch on topics such as culturally symbolic objects and the insidious burden of imperialism.



  • Timothée Messeiller (he/him)

Timothée was born in 1988 in Vevey, Switzerland. He works and lives in Montreal.




  • Camille Dubuc (she/they) 

Camille Dubuc is a photographer and videographer based in Montreal, Quebec. Deeply involved in the relational and emotional fabric behind the construction of an image, the analog camera is their driving force in the creation of a language that lies halfway between reality and fiction. Their current focus on fragmenting familiar spaces and magnifying slippery identities connects to the shifting nature of queerness, belonging and self-representation, for which they nurture a relentless romance.



  • Eva Tellier (she/her)

Eva Tellier (@eva_tellier_) (Elle) is a Franco-Australian artist and craftswoman. Born in France, she studied Visual Arts at Concordia University in Montreal. She currently resides in Marseille and works between France and Quebec.



  • Megan Moore (she/they)

Megan Moore (she / they) is a visual artist based in Tiohtià:ke-Mooniyang / Montreal. Throughout her practice, Megan repurposes and manipulates imagery from her personal archive which consists of snapshot digital photography spanning over a decade and ephemera collected by family members.



  • He Jia-Lai (she/her)

He Jia-Lai is a Canadian artist of Chinese descent. Currently based in Montreal, most of her work is concentrated on individual identity, culture, human thinking, self-analysis, and psychology, which explains the presence of surrealism, symbolism and meticulous details. From the artist’s perspective, life is composed of many chapters, which may have positive and negative impacts, but help the individual to progress. Through time, these elements may influence their work and change their opinion on many subjects of life and death, individuals and society, culture and values, present and past.



  • Tyra Maria Trono (she/they)

Tyra Maria Trono is a filipinx artist, cultural worker, and curator based in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. Their current research focuses on questions such as the formation of one’s perception within the process of cultural identification, and how belonging to a diasporic community redirects the path of this process. 



  • Claire Olwen Stewart (she/her)

Claire Olwen Stewart is an emerging artist and educator based in Montreal, QC. Claire’s studio practice with clay produces sculptural forms. These forms are a means to explore representation and personal histories. Thus far, Stewart’s art practice has been self-taught and has evolved through her participation in Ceramic-focused AIR programs.



  • Ali Kouri (she/her)

Ali Kouri (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, musician & curator based in Tiohtià:ke (Montréal). She completed a BA in Communications & video production in 2019 and a BFA in Studio Arts & Art History in 2022, at Concordia University. From 2013-2022, she was the front-woman for folk-rock band The Day Dreamers, and is leading the multimedia performance project Museums.