Call for submissions: Writing Residency 2023

Sept. 19, 2023, 2:48 p.m.  –  by Céline Bureau

Céline Bureau is hosting the second edition of the writing residency, a workshop series for artists interested in working the textual medium organized by Cigale magazine. This year, the theme is MANIFEST(ER). Deadline: October 20th.

Words manifest new realities. Languages act, bind and divide. Manifesting is making palpable, seizable. Manifesting is also touching language – or creating a language that touches. Languages are vectors of emancipation, but also of domination. Why, for whom, and how should we manifest our voices?

In this new series of workshops on the theme Manifest(er), we will learn to navigate the many powers of words. Together, we will imagine new conspiracy strategies, and experiment with text and its potential to outline paths of collective emancipation.

Furthermore, we will link words with praxis, speech with action, and experiment with the innate orality and performativity of language.

  1. To make real, to demonstrate, to become noticeable
French Trans. Manifester.
  1. To express, to make something known, to show
  2. To participate in a protest

What To Expect: Participants will each work on their own text for the duration of the residency, and will participate in 4 workshops dedicated to different methods of experimentation. These workshops (half a day each) are designed to mix individual and group exercises as well as discussions. Additional writing exercises to pursue the experimentation and prepare for the following workshop will be given to the group after each meeting.

Format of the Residency: 4 half-a-day (~3h) workshops every two weeks (between November 9th 2023 and January 11th 2024, see schedule below). To foster a positive group dynamic and encourage discussions, workshops will happen in person (as much as possible), at Céline Bureau (Montréal, Mile End). Please mention in your application if it is not possible for you to attend one or more workshops in person and we will try to accommodate you. Following the residency, artists will be invited to publish their residency work as a text in the Methods collection of Éditions Cigale.

Who Is This Residency For? This residency is specifically tailored for artists who use text in their practice and are interested in expanding their usage of writing. No writing experience is required and we are open to applications from people who are curious about the textual medium. The residency happens in person in Montreal. It is thus better suited for people living there – there is no housing compensation for out-of-town residents.

Fees: All 4 selected residents will receive 335$ per attended workshop (4 total), plus an additional 419$ to complete their manuscript for publication. 
Workshop schedule
  • November 9th 2023, 13h-16h
  • November 23rd 2023, 13h-16h
  • December 7th 2023, 13h-16h
  • January 11th 2024, 13h-16h